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E-Shop Terms of Use

The terms apply to distance contracts made between Tele2 Eesti AS, registry code 10069046, address Valukoja 8, Tallinn, e-mail info@tele2.ee and the customer (buyer).

1. Examination of a product

1.1. Before the purchase of a product or a service, the buyer must read these terms and product information given on the Tele2 website and in the e-shop next to the product and make certain that the product meets their needs. The usage information is given in the manual accompanying the goods and on the manufacturer’s website.
1.2. Third-party applications can be downloaded to a mobile telephone or smart device purchased from Tele2 with the buyer’s liability and knowledge that it may cause disturbances in the functionality of the device.
1.3. The buyer must take into account that, without making the respective additional settings adjustments, the mobile telephone or smart device may connect to the mobile internet and the buyer is required to pay the service provider for the mobile internet used.

2. Execution of orders

2.1. The purchase price of a product and/or a service is indicated in the e-shop next to each product. Tele2 reserves the right to change the prices offered by telephone or indicated in the e-shop at any time.
2.2. The video under product page is illustrative and the contents of the package are described in the product specifications.
2.3. A product or service ordered by telephone or bought from the e-shop is delivered to the place indicated by the customer as follows: a. placed orders are delivered by a courier within two working days between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.; b. goods ordered to an automated package machine are available to the customer not later than within two working days.
2.4. Goods are delivered in accordance with the price list.
2.5. Goods are handed over only to the person who placed the order (in the case of a private individual: the person who concluded a contract with Tele2; in the case of an entity: the legal representative of the company or a person authorised by the board) on the basis of an identity document that has a photo and (where relevant) a power of attorney.
2.6. The buyer signs a contract concluded by telephone in the presence of the courier upon receipt of the goods.
2.7. In the presence of the courier, the buyer must open the delivery package and make certain that the contents are in accordance with the order (that the goods are in fact the ordered goods); later complaints will not be accepted.

3. Guarantee, maintenance and repairs under the contract

3.1. The guarantee period of the goods is indicated next to the details of the goods and in the documentation of the goods; the customer may ask clarifications from Tele2 at any time.
3.2. Where the need for repairs or maintenance arises, the customer needs to visit the nearest point of sale of Tele2, bringing with them the purchase documents and, where possible, the packaging of the goods. Read more on Tele2’s repair and maintenance conditions.
3.3. The additional equipment or accessories of a device, which is/are included in the product packaging or purchased separately may be subject to a shorter guarantee period than that of the device itself (e.g. 12 months). The same applies to the batteries and power sources of the device, which are, as a rule, considered consumables.

4. Filing of complaints

4.1. In the event of a defective product, the consumer has the right to file a complaint with Tele2 within two years as of the day of delivery of the product. The complaint must be filed promptly but not later than within two months after the detection of the defect. More detailed information is given in the procedure for filing complaints.
4.2. A complaint can be filed by e-mail to Valukoja 8, Tallinn 11415, or by e-mail to info@tele2.ee.
4.3. To solve problems related to the goods, the buyer must retain the purchase documents (invoice, contract, etc.) that prove that the goods were purchased from the Tele2 shop or from a Tele2 representative by telephone.
4.4. Upon a breach of an obligation, the consumer has the right to use legal remedies arising from law (e.g. terminate the contract, demand that the obligation be performed, withdraw from the contract, claim late interest, etc.).

5. Liability

5.1. Tele2 does not test the compatibility of the products with any specific device, software or system. Likewise, Tele2 does not test the functionality of the product in special conditions (e.g. humidity).
5.2. Tele2 is not liable for the defects of a product that arise from the use of the product for a purpose other than the prescribed purpose, use or maintenance that does not comply with the requirements, or a breach.
5.3. In any event, Tele2 is not liable for indirect damage caused to the buyer. The size of the compensation paid by Tele2 does not exceed the sum paid for the goods.

6. Withdrawal from the contract

6.1. The consumer is an individual, not entity.
6.2. The consumer can withdraw from a distance contract within 14 days without stating the reason.
6.3. The conditions of returning goods purchased by a consumer are given in the instruction of withdrawal from a contract.
6.4. Upon exercising the right of withdrawal, the returned goods must be in the original packaging (may show signs of being opened, but not damaged) and in the initial composition, along with a document certifying the purchase.
6.5. Tele2 has the right to withdraw from a contract of sale of the goods concluded via the e-shop and to refuse to hand over the ordered goods or to provide a service where the stocks of the goods have been depleted or where the price or qualities of the goods have been displayed incorrectly due to a system error in the e-shop.
6.6. Where Tele2 has been unable to execute the order, the buyer is contacted as soon as possible and the amount paid is promptly returned.

7. Customer’s warranties and representations

7.1. The customer warrants and represents that the customer grants Tele2 the consent to the commencement of the provision of the service or performance after the conclusion of the contract.
7.2. The customer warrants and represents that the customer concludes a distance contract the subject matter of which is the provision of a service or other long-term performance, and Tele2 has fully performed the obligations arising from the contract, and the provision of the service or other performance has commenced with the explicit prior consent of the consumer and the confirmation that the consumer loses their right of withdrawal.