Network Management and Operation

Mission critical network management for all your requirements

We provide customers fully managed network service where all networking equipment and connections are managed and monitored by Tele2 Eesti. Our Network Operations Center will monitor customer network health and will proactively solve any issues.

Centre as service 24/7/365 Mission critical monitoring

Available around the clock. Simuntaneously working centres in Tallinn and Vilnius. Trained specialists. Proactive monitoring services. English, Russian, Estonian and Lithuanian language. Trouble ticketing system. Customized NOC procedures. ISO 9001:2008 integrated quality system.

Our main advantages:

  • Highly competent network administrators. Competences in fiber optic technologies, radio frequency, Ethernet and electrical engineering
  • Multilingual NOC- Estonian, English, Russian, Finnish
  • Level1 and Level2 NOC
  • Tailor-made NOC solutions according to customer requirements.

24/7/365 NOC

  • Tele2 Eesti AS
  • Valukoja 8, 11415 Tallinn
  • Tel. +372 715 1290