• Televõrgu AS was established in 2001 as a company operating on the infrastructure of Eesti Energia AS (Estonian Energy production and distribution company). Televõrgu AS has developed from being an initial mission-critical high-maintenance energy sector communication provider to a recognized and well-known company with an international reach, offering fiber optical backbone communication services.
  • Our clients include amongst others international telecommunication operators, data carriers,  data centers and content providers.  The main mission of Televõrgu has always been and remains to be the preferred quality alternative with tailor made custom solutions to traditional international telecommunication operators.
  • Tele2 Eesti AS acquired Televõrgu AS in February 2012. Since then Televõrgu has become a part of the Tele2 international corporation improving even more fibre optical networks reach with more possibilities to offer a wider selection of services on the European data transmission market.
  • Merger of Televõrgu AS and Tele2 Eesti AS was completed on 31st March 2016 and starting from 1st April 2016 company will continue offering services under the brand of Tele2 Eesti.

Overview and values

  • Currently we have over 30 highly experienced employees who are dedicated to innovation, quality and providing the best solutions.
  • We have several long term partners around Europe to help us provide high quality services.
  • We also have the possibility to provide connections to Europe through the Baltic Highway which is built completely on our own infrastructure.